Crystals for Beginners

It may seem like a new, and trendy phenomenon, but crystals have been used in rituals, medicine, and divination by various cultures for centuries. These naturally occurring rock formations are valued for their color, shape, texture, and luminosity, but with so many beautiful specimens, how do you know which crystals are right for you? I am of the mind that its best to select the crystals that draw your attention. However, if you dont feel that distinctive pull to one crystal or the another, here is a short list of a few stones that every newbie rock hound and serious rock collector should have in their trove.

Clear Quartz

The quartz family includes a lot of stones, but Clear Quartz is probably the one that comes to mind when someone is talking about this colorless, usually hexagon-shaped crystal. Prismatic with smooth sides, quartz is found on every continent in the world and is great for clearing, cleansing, healing, and magnifying any and all of your manifestations and intentions.

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  • Fluorite

    Fluorite can be found in a wide range of colors from as colorless as clear quartz, to pink, purple, yellow, and even black. More often than not, one or all of those colors appear in the same specimen. Fluorite, which will glow under ultraviolet light, can help you find clarity and improve your decision-making skills.

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  • Rose Quartz

    Rose Quartz derives its name from its coloring — from very pale to deep reddish-pink. Rose Quartz is often featured in self-care memes and with good reason. It promotes love, gentleness, emotional healing, and it's great for stress relief. Ive also heard that it pairs well with a glass of wine and your favorite face mask. 

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  • Labradorite

    This iridescent stone is treasured for its vivid flashes of green, blue, gold, orange, red, and violet. Its often called the stone of magic” and it is said to awaken the magical powers of the person wearing or carrying it. Labradorite can also create a shield between yourself and negativity so that you have the space to make that magic happen!

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  • Black Tourmaline

    Tourmalines — which can be red, pink, yellow, blue, violet, and black — is one of the most used stones in crystal healing. Carrying Black Tourmaline can provide psychic protection if you find yourself in challenging places or situations. It can also help you rid yourself of negative thoughts, anxiety, anger, and feelings of unworthiness.

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  • Amethyst

    This pale to deep purple stone has been prized for its beauty and unique energies for thousands of years. Long viewed as a stone of royalty, Amethyst can be found in crowns, scepters, and jewelry throughout time. Ancient Greeks believed that it could prevent intoxication, calm anger, and relieve frustrated passions.” It can also clear negative influences and unwanted entanglements.

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  • Lapis Lazuli

    This royal blue stone often has inclusions of pyrite and white calcite and has been used in beads, pendants, and jewelry as far back as 3100 BC. As a stone of royalty and spirituality, it carries the vibration of the King or Queen within each of us. Lapis Lazuli can help you embody those virtues and facilitate truthful communication.

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  • Citrine

    Pale yellow, deep amber, and nearly orange with brownish tinges, Citrine increases clarity, fortifies your will, and magnifies your intentions and manifestations. It is also said that Citrine can awaken creativity in almost anyone who works with it.

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    While Im sure your rock collection will undoubtedly grow well beyond this handful of metaphysical specimens, this is an excellent place to start your crystal healing journey.


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