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Why you need to charge your crystals

When crystals are used often or over long periods of time, they can become drained and depleted of energy. But don't toss them in the garbage bin! All they need is a little energetic R&R to be good as new.

Charging your crystals gives them an energetic boost and adds intensity to your intention-setting and manifesting practice. If you complete an intention and would like to set a new one using the same rock, charging will reset it to create a blank canvas for your new intention. That way there's no muddling of the two intentions which can lead to unclear results.

Crystals also tend to absorb and hold onto the energy around them, which isn't always a good thing. Sometimes crystals will soak up negative energy which can stain your intentions and your own energy. Charging your crystals will rid them of any bad vibes they may have come in contact with on their journey to your home or from their environment. This is why some people refer to charging crystals as "clearing" or cleansing.  

Large obsidian sphere that can be used for black mirror scrying

8 Crystal Charging Methods

To get the best results from your crystals, you have to charge them every so often and there are many methods to choose from. When deciding which method is best for you and your stones, be sure to check if your preferred method is compatible with your crystals. Some minerals do not react well when exposed to water or salt, which I'll explain more about below.

1) Charge your crystals under the full moon

Even if you've never worked with crystals directly or charged them before, you've probably heard of this method. It's one of the most popular charging methods and combines crystal and celestial energies.

To charge your crystals under the moon, all you need to do is place your stone(s) in a spot where they can catch some moonbeams. If you feel comfortable leaving them outside, place them on a porch or a safe spot in your yard. If you don't have a private space outside your home, place them on a windowsill under the moonlight.

2) Soak your crystals in moon water

If you want to store up some lunar energy that you can use any time, make some moon water. Fill a container of your choice with water and place it under the full moon. (I like to use a glass container with a lid, like a mason jar, to keep my water clean and free of leaves or other bits of nature.) If you feel called to, you can say an affirmation or prayer that matches your intention for the coming month's cycle.

To use your moon water for charging and cleansing, begin by pouring some into a bowl. (This will prevent contamination of your entire batch.) Then submerge your rock(s) in the full moon water.* You can leave them for a few hours or overnight. Store your leftover water away from sunlight and dispose of it if you notice any new odors or changes in appearance.

*Crystals that are water-soluble should never be charged with water. Softer stones like Selenite, Celestite, and Fluorite will dissolve when left to soak in water. I do not recommend submerging any crystals with a hardness of 5 or less on the Mohs hardness scale. A good rule of thumb is to avoid putting crystals that end in "-ite" in water.

3) Bury your crystals in the ground

Your healing crystals were originally formed in the earth and charged with its energies. Burying them will charge your crystals and return them to their natural state. Dig a hole in the ground that's large enough to accommodate all of your rocks, place them in the hole, then cover with the dirt you dug up.

If you're worried about your crystals getting dirty, you can put them in a container before you place them in the ground. They will still be able to soak up Mother Nature's healing energy. Leave them buried for up to a week.

Large obsidian sphere that creates a black mirror for scrying

4) Charge your crystals with other crystals

Some crystals have the ability to charge and amplify the energy of other stones. Selenite and Clear Quartz are two of my favorites for cleansing and charging other stones. You can find these common stones at just about any crystal shop and neither is very expensive.

Selenite is often cut and shaped to create charging plates or bowls. If you have one of these handy, you can place your rocks on top of the charge plate or in your bowl. Clear Quartz varieties of these tools are less common.

If you're working with individual stones of Clear Quartz or Selenite, you can place them around the stone(s) you want to charge, usually in a circular shape. This will create a simple crystal grid that will give your rocks some juice! You can leave them for a few hours or as long as you'd like.

shop charging crystals

5) Give your crystals a sound bath

A sound bath is a meditative experience created with resonant sounds. Singing bowls are commonly used to create continuous soothing tones, but other instruments are sometimes used instead of or in addition to a singing bowl.

To give your crystals an energetic bath, you can place them near or inside a singing bowl. Then take the mallet provided with the bowl and begin to slowly and gently trace the rim of the bowl with the side of the stick. Rubbing the mallet on the rim should produce a consistent "singing" tone. Smaller bowls will produce a higher pitch and can accommodate smaller crystals. Larger bowls will have a deeper tone and can be used for larger stones.

You can play the bowl for as little or as long as you'd like. Most sound bath sessions last between five minutes to an hour. Though it varies greatly from person to person. Let your intuition tell you how long is right for you and your crystals.

6) Cleanse your crystals with salt

To cleanse and charge your crystals with salt, you can use either the dry or the wet method. The dry method involves burying your crystal in salt (preferably sea salt) and letting it sit overnight. Softer stones can be scratched by the rough salt crystals so you'll want to avoid using this method with stones like Turquoise, Selenite, and Amber.

Or you can opt to use the wet method. Make some salt water, while rainwater and sea salt is preferred, tap or filtered water is fine. Like the moon water method above, submerge your crystals* in the water and allow them to sit for a few hours or overnight.

*Crystals that are reactive to salt or are water-soluble should never be charged with salt water. Softer stones will dissolve when left to soak in water. Some stones that contain copper, like Malachite, or iron ore, like Hematite, will react when placed in salt water. This reaction can create dangerous fumes and damage the stone(s).

7) Use visualization to charge your crystals

Easily the most accessible way to charge your crystals, visualization doesn't require any tools or ingredients other than you, your stone(s), and a quiet space.

To cleanse your crystals using visualization techniques, first, find a comfortable position and take a deep cleansing breath. While holding your crystal, close your eyes and imagine a bright, healing light washing over your crystal. Watch as this light flows through your crystal, filling it up, and washing away any old or negative energy. You can say an affirmation or set an intention that the stone is cleared of any unwanted energy. You can end the visualization when you intuitively feel like the stone has been cleansed and charged.

8) Charge your crystals with sunlight

Some people find that sunlight gives their crystals a boost of fiery energy. Orange stones like Carnelian and Sunstone are aligned with the masculine energy of the sun and can benefit from charging under the sun instead of the moon. To charge your stone in sunlight, wait for a bright day and place your crystal outside in the light. Again, you can place them on your windowsill if you do not want to leave them unattended outside. Leave them in the sunshine for no more than 1-2 hours.*

*Unlike moonlight, sunlight can fade stones. Stones should not be left out for long periods of time in sunlight or they might lose their beautiful colors. Orange stones, white, and clear stones are generally safe. Some dark stones like Obsidian or Black Onyx are colorfast and will not fade when placed in the sun for short periods of time. But generally, most crystals can fade even if they're only exposed to sunlight for short periods of time.

How to choose the right method for you

There is no one size fits all method for charging your crystals. Working with crystals and nature invites you to practice using your intuition to guide you and your choices. If you're new to crystal charging, try several of the methods above and find the one (or a few that) you like best. You don't have to use the same method for every crystal in your rock collection or every time you cleanse.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a charging method is accessibility. Work with what you have on hand or what is easiest to acquire first. Investing in a singing bowl right away may not make sense for you or your budget at this moment. You can always add new rituals to your cleansing and charging method later on. 

Black Mirror Stands

Tips to keep it simple

Charging your crystals doesn't have to be complicated. Keep these tips in mind and you'll likely find success with any method you choose:


Look up the stone you plan to charge and make sure that your method of choice won't damage the stone. This is especially important for salt and water charging.


Research the aligned energies of your stone. For example, stones that align with the sun or moon can benefit from charging in the light of either. The energy of a stone associated with the moon will be amplified in its light. Placing that same stone under the sun will infuse it with the opposite energy to create a greater balance.


Cleanse any new crystals as soon as you get home. Lots of people touch a crystal as it makes its way from the earth to the shop to your home. You don't know what energy they may have absorbed on their way to their final destination. After an initial cleanse, charge and cleanse them as often as you'd like. 

How Often Should Crystals be Charged

One common question among crystal enthusiasts is, "How often should crystals be charged?" We'll explore the factors that influence the charging frequency of crystals and provide practical insights on keeping your crystals energetically vibrant.

Factors Influencing Charging Frequency

The frequency of charging crystals can vary depending on several factors:

Crystal Type

Different crystals have distinct energy profiles and may require different charging frequencies. Some crystals are naturally more resilient and may hold their energy for longer periods.


Crystals used frequently, such as those in daily meditation or healing rituals, may need more frequent charging compared to those used sparingly.

Environmental Factors

The energy of your living space, exposure to sunlight, and proximity to other crystals can all impact how often a crystal needs charging.


Your intuition plays a significant role in determining when a crystal requires charging. You may develop a sense of when a crystal's energy feels diminished.One common question among crystal enthusiasts is, "How often should crystals be charged?" We'll explore the factors that influence the charging frequency of crystals and provide practical insights on keeping your crystals energetically vibrant.

Signs Your Crystal Needs Charging

Feeling Heavy or Drained

If your crystal feels heavy or lacks the usual vibrancy, it may be time for a recharge.

Reduced Effectiveness

Crystals that once provided powerful healing or energy-enhancing effects may become less effective when their energy is depleted.

Intuitive Insights

Trust your intuition. If you feel a crystal needs charging, it's likely because your energy connection with it has weakened.

Crystals are remarkable allies on our journey to balance and well-being. To harness their full potential, it's essential to maintain their energetic vitality through regular charging. The frequency of charging varies depending on factors like crystal type, usage, and environment. By tuning into your intuition and using various charging methods, you can ensure that your crystals continue to support your spiritual and emotional growth.

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