7 Ways to Use Crystals in Everyday Life

Crystals (and minerals and gemstones) are beautiful creations of the Earth, born from deep beneath the Earth's surface and brought out into the light to sit on our bedside tables, decorate our bookshelves, or hang from our wrists or ears.

Everyone, no matter their background or position, has a story of that time they stumbled upon a beautiful rock that got tucked into a pocket or someone gifted them a piece of gemstone jewelry to treasure. From wandering caves in Pakistan to picking up geodes at the local creek, each of us has a connection to the world of crystals and rocks, connecting us all with the Earth.

When we use crystals, either for their metaphysical healing powers, or even just to adorn our body or decorate our home because they're pretty, we're working with the Earth to create beauty and to live with intention. It's a human/nature connection we all share.

But how do you use crystals? Without some intention, it's easy to find yourself with a bunch of rocks sitting in a bowl, or more gemstone earrings than there are days in the year. Here we'll explore seven ways to use crystals in everyday life.



Shown: Walnut Display Shelf

Use Crystals to Decorate Your Home or Office

The easiest way to use crystals is to place them in spaces you frequent. Crystals are a beautiful addition to your bedside table, favorite bookshelf, or accent shelf. You can even get a crystal shelf made just for displaying your rock collection.

Decorating with crystals allows you to tap into their beauty when you walk into the room. Who needs a man cave, when we can all live in a crystal cave!

Have smaller pieces? Arrange them in a bowl or on a small decorative plate on an end table or shelf for easy display and fast access.



Shown: Rose Quartz Candle Holder

Use Crystals to Set the Mood

Beyond putting your crystals on a shelf to stay, think of them as accent pieces to be moved and regularly rearranged to help you set the mood, either for your own liking or with the seasons.

When you use crystals in decoration as a living piece of your decor you form a closer relationship with them, oftentimes finding that you have a favorite piece that moves throughout the house as your experience and needs of your home evolves, or there are certain places that collect interesting items.

This bathroom shelf - shown above - in my own home is an ever-changing vignette, often featuring flowers, a seasonal candle, and always a collection of crystals, from light and airy rose quartz candle holders to deep, mysterious obsidian, depending on my own moods and the energies of the world around me.



Shown: Gemstone Bracelets

Use Crystals as Jewelry

Wearing crystals and gemstones is one of the best ways to enjoy their beauty (and magical crystal powers) all day long. From earrings and necklaces to gemstone bracelets and rings, using crystals as jewelry allows you to maintain a constant connection with these natural objects while also allowing you to explore and express your personal style.



Shown: Rose Quartz Candle Holder

Use Crystal Candle Holders as Planters

One of my favorite, unexpected uses for crystal candle holders is to use them as little planters for small plants, like succulents. 

When choosing a candle holder to be used as a planter, be sure your candle holder has a solid bottom (many candle holders simply have a felted bottom, which is not plant-watering-friendly) and that the crystal itself will hold up to water (for example, the popular Selenite candle holders will actually dissolve when wet).



Shown: Pyrite Chunk

Carry Crystals in Your Pocket for Good Luck

I'm always pleasantly surprised when people tell me they have a favorite rock they carry in their pocket (or bra, or wallet). Whether it's simply for good luck (try Pyrite), or for other purposes like protection against negativity (try Black Tourmaline) or to attract prosperity (try Citrine), we humans are naturally drawn to keeping rocks on us as talismans to attract or repel.

Want to infuse your rock friendship with extra juju? Sync your selection with your birthstone to tap into vibes most aligned with your own.



Shown: Custom Blue Kyanite and Clear Quartz Crystal Grid Kit

Use Crystals to Meditate

We've all heard that meditating is good for us, and most of us can also agree that it's easier said than done. A common problem: struggling to stay focused.

This is why I like to bring crystals into my meditation practice; crystals are a great object for helping you find focus during your meditations.

Holding a rock in your hand and focusing on its weight, its temperature, its shape, and how it feels against your fingers and palm is an effective set of training wheels for developing productive meditation habits. It gives you a place to focus and a tangible point to return to when your mind wanders off.

I also love to use crystal grids as a from of active meditation. Simply sit down in your favorite spot and get focused on creating beautiful arrangements with stones.



Shown: Pyrite Wand

Get Creative with Other Practical Uses for Your Crystals

Because crystals come in all shapes and sizes, its fun to find interesting - and even practical - ways to use them. From using candle holders as planter, as mentioned earlier, to using a wand as a ring holder, like the Pyrite wand shown above, get creative to find other uses for the beautiful members of your rock collection.

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