Crystals for Seasonal Living

Seasonal living means embracing many layers of nature, from aesthetic to energetic. Crystals provide a great opportunity to bring both the look and feel, but also the vibes, of each season into your space (or onto your fingers, ears, or neck), allowing you to sink deeper into the energies of each season to nurture yourself and tap into the wisdom of the flow of the earth.

Here I'm sharing three crystals for each of the four seasons, combining aesthetics with energies to recommend stones to place around your house or on your body to use crystals for a tool to embrace seasonal living.

Crystals for Spring

Spring is a season of renewal. It abounds with the energies of growth and newness and is painted the color of fresh leaves, daffodils, and clear blue skies. It's an opportune time to plan for the year and plant seeds that allow you to flourish with nature. 

Shown: Green Aventurine Palm Stone

Green Aventurine

Spring reminds us that the only constant in life is change and Green Aventurine is here to help you embrace it! Always optimistic and hopeful, this sparkling green stone can give you an extra burst of energy to sow your intentions for the year. 

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Shown: Amethyst Druse


If you're struggling to prioritize your seemingly never ending to-do list (I'm looking at you, spring cleaning), this purple stone is for you. Not only is Amethyst great for relieving stress, it is a fortifying crystal that increases intuition – a perfect combo for pausing to focus on what's most important before diving into yet another project. 

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Shown: Rose Quartz Palm Stone

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz has long been associated with all things love and beauty. Keep a piece in your pocket or wear it around your neck to help you soak up the beauty of all the new life around you. This soft pink stone will keep you feeling connected, comforted, and open to all the new opportunities that Spring brings!

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Crystals for Summer

Summer is a season of infinite potential and expansion. Warm and bright, the longer days of Summer are for taking action, whether that means getting to work or taking play time seriously. With adventures waiting around every corner, the boundless energy of Summer asks us, "why not?"

Shown: Rainbow Fluorite Obelisk

Rainbow Fluorite

When the activity of Summer has you feeling scattered and spread thin, Rainbow Fluorite will help you find focus and clarity, assisting you in settling down on just the best place to put your energy. Plus, this colorful stone aids in reducing stress and transforming negative energies into positive.

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Shown: Amazonite Chunk


Another watery, blue stone, Amazonite gets its name from the great Amazon River. Just like its namesake, Amazonite's energy flows around us and smooths any rough edges, revealing our truest form. Additionally, this turquoise-colored crystal is great for tempering any aggressions that may be simmering in the Summer heat. 

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Shown: Sunstone Palm Stone


Sunstone appears to capture the bright rays of the Summer sun with its orange color and flashy inclusions. It embodies the properties of solar light – strength, warmth, and strong will. Use it shake off any sluggish feelings to get the most out of your day (or night).

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Crystals for Autumn

Cooler temperatures and shorter days let you know that Autumn has arrived. It's time to harvest the seeds of intention planted earlier in the year and practice gratitude for the bounty received. A season of transition, Autumn is a time of wrapping up old projects, letting go, and preparing for a restful Winter.

Shown: Carnelian Palm Stone


Fiery Carnelian reminds me of fallen leaves with its swirling yellow, orange, and red hues. Carnelian can boost your energy when the shorter, darker days of Autumn leave you feeling drained and listless.

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Shown: Smoky Quartz Polished Point

Smoky Quartz

Ranging in color from pale grayish-browns to deep blacks, Smoky Quartz neutralizes and removes any negative energies. If you struggle to feel connected to the here and now in seasons of transition, grounding Smoky Quartz will keep your feet on solid ground. 

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Shown: Tiger Eye Sphere

Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye's beautiful gold and brown striations bring together the energies of the sun and earth, balancing light with dark. As the nights grow longer and the days grow shorter, Tiger Eye's iridescent rays boost willpower and confidence to keep seasonal blues at bay.

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Crystals for Winter

Cold and dark, Winter is a season for resting. Ironically, Winter is often the busiest time of the year and it's easy to find yourself overloaded and overwhelmed. Take a page from nature's book and give yourself a break. The final season of the year is a time to reset in preparation of restarting the cycle and doing the whole thing over again next year.

Shown: Polished Labradorite Standing Slab


Legend has it that the dancing lights of the Aurora Borealis are trapped within this multicolored stone, creating a 'frozen fire'. Filled to the brim with mystical energies, Labradorite invites you to take a look at things from all angles to see hidden truths and the magic in daily life, a perfect act of reflection during the dark days of Winter.

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Shown: Malachite Sphere


Mesmerizing Malachite brings the greens of Spring and Summer to brighten Winter days, harkening the warmth of the resilient evergreens. Packed full of Copper, Malachite is a powerhouse of a stone facilitating change and inner development so that we can emerge from our Winter cocoons anew.

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Shown: Obsidian Cube


Jet black Obsidian embraces all of the dark and mystical energies of Winter. Obsidian offers protection and grounding as it encourages you to journey through the dark to find the light on the other side.

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We all have a favorite season, that time of the year where we feel the most ourselves. Other times of the year might not shine as brightly by comparison. By crafting a daily practice of living seasonally and embracing the rhythms of nature, we can tune into the sublime elements of every season.


Meri is the business manager of Almanac Supply Co. and a freelance illustrator. Her favorite season is late fall, when it's finally cold enough to wear sweaters and drink hot toddies. 

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