Journal — Crystals

Crystals for Cancer Season

June 22, 2021
  Cancer season arrives at the start of summer, hot and demanding your full attention. As the most caring and nurturing of all the signs, this season wants you to check in — mind, body, and spirit...
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Crystals for Gemini Season

May 25, 2021
Smart, versatile, enthusiastic, and positive – these Gemini traits encourage us to lean into the strange and wonderful insight this season can bring. It’s important to find creative ways to remain...
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Crystals for Seasonal Living

May 11, 2021
Seasonal living means embracing many layers of nature, from aesthetic to energetic. Crystals provide a great opportunity to bring both the look and feel, but also the vibes, of each season into yo...
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It's Your Year: Crystals for Capricorn Season

January 05, 2021
Just like in Virgo season, I’m filled with the desire to make big plans and take advantage of the wealth, status, and security that this year of Jupiter in Capricorn promises. Capricorn is an eart...
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