Best Crystals for Pisces

On February 19th, Pisces season begins. The Pisces zodiac sign is known for being empathic, creative, and generous. Whether this is your sun sign or not, we'll all be feeling the energy and effects of Pisces through March 20th.

For all zodiac signs, this is the perfect time to embrace some Pisces energy in your own life and these healing crystals can help you embody the energy of the season with more intention.

Pisces Energy + Characteristics

The twelfth sign of the zodiac, Pisces is represented by the image of two fish swimming in opposite directions. This symbol speaks to the duality of the Pisces sign. As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces have learned lessons from every other sun sign. This makes them truly empathetic and compassionate. These water signs are also known for being very sensitive. Because of this, those born under the Pisces sun sign can struggle to manage their own energy.

Ruled by the planet Neptune, the planet of creativity and dreams, Pisces have the energy to explore their endless imagination and are known for being very creative. Some would say that when it comes to intuition, spirituality, or creativity Pisces is especially gifted.

What Are The Best Crystals for Pisces?

Rose Quartz Palm Stone

Rose Quartz: A Pisces Stone for Balancing Emotions

Key Properties

Love, Compassion, Harmony

Characteristics + History of Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a popular member of the Quartz family. Its color, for which it is named, varies from deep to very pale pink and is derived from manganese or titanium.

Rose Quartz is featured in many myths and legends from Greek gods to Egyptian royalty. The Egyptians believed this Pisces stone could prevent aging and they, along with the Romans and Greeks, used it for talismans. Rose Quartz beads have also been found dating back to 7000 BC in the area that was once known as Mesopotamia.

How to Use Rose Quartz

Known as a stone of unconditional love, this stone is thought to have a gentle and nurturing energy. Metaphysically, it's helpful to the Heart Chakra, opening the space to allow for more giving and receiving. Rose Quartz may also be helpful in bringing harmony to the emotions or matters of the heart while removing negative energy.

For Pisces, who is always handing out compassion for everyone else but leaving none for themselves, this stone will help them find that self-compassion. It is calming for the mind, assisting one in releasing worry, fear, and anxiety. It helps one feel more open to receiving and sharing love and is great for cultivating all types of love, including self-love.

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Rainbow Fluorite Tower

Rainbow Fluorite: A Pisces Gemstone For The Third Eye Chakra

Key Properties

Focus, Clarity, Intuition

Characteristics + History of Rainbow Fluorite

Fluorite is a common mineral and one of the most varied colored minerals. It occurs naturally in all colors, with some being fluorescent in ultraviolet light. When a Fluorite specimen features multiple colors, such as green, blue, and purple, it is known as Rainbow Fluorite.

Its name is derived from the Latin word "fluere" meaning "melting" or "which flows" and Fluorite has also lent its name to the property of fluorescence, which is the display of vivid glowing colors under ultraviolet light.

How to Use Rainbow Fluorite

It is thought to help balance the Third Eye Chakra, offering a connection to the spiritual realm and one's spiritual connection making it a powerful stone for a Pisces zodiac sign. Even though Pisces tend to have strong intuitive and creative abilities, they can, at times, fall into worst-case thinking and struggle with confusion, mental turmoil, or decision-making.

Because Pisces sun signs are natural empaths and can be overly emotional, it can be easy for them to pick up energy from others. Rainbow Fluorite is thought to help with overall energy cleansing.

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Candle Quartz Point

Candle Quartz: A Pisces Stone for Spiritual Awareness

Key Properties

Light, Love, Healing

Characteristics + History of Rainbow Fluorite

Candle Quartz is also commonly known as Pineapple Quartz or Atlantean Lovestar. It gets its name from its distinct look – like a candle dripping with wax. This unique appearance is created by the many smaller points surrounding the terminated point on all sides. These points are often parallel to the larger termination but some may stick out at odd angles. It is typically white but sometimes it can appear as different colors due to minerals that became embedded within it while it formed. 

How to Use Rainbow Fluorite

Often used as a meditation crystal, Candle Quartz is a gentle crystal with high energy, said to both ground you as well as illuminate your path forward. It is believed to bring all chakras into alignment, opening you up to the magic of the Universe. This can aid in allowing you to receive abundance in all aspects of life and in accessing your intuition.

It is thought that meditating with this stone can bring awareness to one's soul purpose. Candle Quartz may also help to alleviate any feelings of despair to create a feeling of inner peace.

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Amethyst Moon

Amethyst: A Pisces Birthstone

Key Properties

Intuition, Peace, Strength

Characteristics + History of Amethyst

This purple member of the Quartz family, occurs in many varieties, ranging in many shades from deep purple to pale lilac. Amethyst is found in numerous locations around the world including Canada, Mexico, Europe, Africa, and more.

Amethyst's name comes from the Greek word for “not drunken,” as it is believed to prevent intoxication, calm anger, and relieve stress. The use of this Pisces crystal dates back to as early as 25,000 BCE. It has long been coveted as a stone of royalty and has been found in the cultures of Neolithic peoples, ancient Egyptians, Early Greek, and Romans.

How to Use Amethyst

Amethyst is a traditional birthstone for Pisces zodiac signs born in February. Therefore it makes sense that any Amethyst crystal would hold the potential for powerful spiritual healing for this sun sign. It is also thought to help balance both the Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakra, which can be very useful for Pisces.

Known for its power to remove negative energy and replace it with calming energy, Amethyst promotes a sense of peace, strength, and intuition. This is another stone that can greatly help to protect sensitive Pisces from drains on their energy. For any Pisces that finds themselves tending to overindulge in a vice to cope with stress or other negative emotions, Amethyst is thought to have sobering powers that offer balance.

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Bloodstone Palm Stone

Bloodstone: A Root Chakra Stone

Key Properties

Purity, Strength, Vitality

Characteristics + History of Bloodstone

A variety of opaque Chalcedony, this dark green stone with red spots is also known as Heliotrope from the Greek word for 'sun turner.' In the Middle Ages, it was thought that the red spots were spots of Christ's blood and that they lent Bloodstone magical powers.

It has been used for healing a variety of ailments especially those concerning blood disorders since ancient times.

How to Use Bloodstone

Thought to balance the Root chakra, Bloodstone may help with grounding dreamy Pisces in the present and amplifying their personal power. This can aid in more self-confidence and allow Pisces to stand up for themselves.

Bloodstone may deliver courage and assist one in taking the right action. It can help to keep Pisces from becoming discouraged when meeting obstacles on their path bringing them a sense of self-sufficiency and capability.

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Three More Pisces Crystals

There are many stones that will resonate with each zodiac sign and we're including a few more Pisces gemstones that you may want to explore here. As a March birthstone, an Aquamarine gemstone could help Pisces with emotional clarity. This Pisces birthstone is thought to stimulate the Throat Chakra which can encourage these water signs to let their voice be heard.

Another of the best stones for Pisces is Blue Lace Agate thought to encourage the positive energies of peace and serenity. You might find that Black Onyx to be another lovely stone for grounding properties, helping to overcome fears and encouraging the belief in one's own strength.

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