DECEMBER 18, 2023


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Welcome the energy of the Winter Solstice with this tarot spread for the season that will help you connect with the nature around you and with your intentions for this Winter.

As we reach the end of December and the hush of Winter is settling around us, it's time to get quiet and enter a season of rest and reflection. One way to tap into this energy and make the most of this season of death, rest, and rebirth is to grab your favorite tarot deck and do a reading for yourself to tap into the inner truths the season will reveal to you.

At this time of year when nights are at their longest and the whole world is muted, we can take our cue from nature to turn inward and spend time reflecting on ourselves and our journey through the seasons, leaving Autumn behind, moving through the season of Winter, and preparing ourselves for the awakening of Spring.

It's time to settle in and contemplate the shifting themes of this solstice and how you can best support yourself during your Winter sojourn. Use this Winter Solstice tarot spread to help you step into the dark without fear or worry and embrace the lessons you discover in the shadows.

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Preparing for Your Winter SolStice Tarot SPREAD + Reading

When you are ready to do your Winter Solstice tarot spread, grab your favorite tarot or oracle deck (check out The Wild Unknown deck to align with the season's energy) and any other items you may need to settle into this sacred space. You may want to grab your favorite crystal (here's a list of crystals for Capricorn that are perfect for the season), a pen and journal, a candle (our Winter candle will bring the vibes), or play some calming music to help get you in the zone.

Once settled, center yourself with some deep breaths, shuffle your cards, and begin to lay out your Winter Solstice tarot spread.


Laying your tarot or oracle cards, contemplate the following questions and let your intuition guide you.

1. What's hiding in the darkness / my subconscious that I need to explore?

2. What will give me strength as I face my shadow self?

3. What must I work to release during this season of rest?

4. What aspect of my life most requires hibernation?

5. How will this hibernation benefit me?

6. What lessons can I learn from this season? 

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