SEPTEMBER 19, 2022

Autumn Equinox

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Embrace the energy of the autumn equinox with a tarot spread for the season that will help you connect with your self and the world around you.

As we welcome the energy of autumn and enter the time of year when we flow from the season of summer, it's important to take a moment to honor the turning of the wheel. A great way to embrace this energy and make the most of this season of harvest is to pick up your deck of tarot cards and do a reading for yourself to tap into what this season brings for you.

As we watch the balance of day and night move into a season of more darkness at the autumn equinox, it's a perfect time to pause and reflect on ourselves and our journey through the seasons, leaving summer behind, moving through the season of autumn, and preparing ourselves for the winter ahead.

It's time to settle in and contemplate the shifting themes of this equinox and the support available in autumn. Use this autumn equinox tarot spread to help you evaluate your next steps in life and connect you further with this place in the flow of the seasons.

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Preparing for a Tarot Reading

When you sit down to do your autumn equinox tarot spread, grab your favorite tarot or oracle deck (we especially love The Wildwood Tarot deck when doing nature-themed tarot spreads) and any other items you may need to settle into this sacred space. You may want to grab your favorite crystal (here's a list of crystals for Libra season that are perfect for the season), a pen and journal, a candle (our Autumn candle will bring the vibe), or play some calming music to help get you in the zone.

Once settled, center yourself with some deep breaths, shuffle your cards, and begin to lay out your autumn equinox tarot spread.

Autumn Equinox Tarot Spread

Laying your tarot or oracle cards, contemplate the following questions and let your intuition guide you.

1. What have I planted that will be ready to harvest this season?

2. What can I do now to ensure my most bountiful harvest?

3. What changes should I be preparing for?

4. What must I shed in order to preserve my energy?

5. How can I connect further with this season?

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