Hypersthene Tower, 6-Sided

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Polished, six-sided Hypersthene tower.

approx. 3.5" tall


Hypersthene is named for the Greek word for "over strength" referring to its hardness, which helped to distinguish it from other similar minerals. This deep brown stone often contains flashy, lighter hues and can present other colors such as black, green, grey, etc. Hypersthene is known as a "magical stone" for its ability to strengthen psychic abilities, block out noisy distractions, and aid users on their path to success!

Due to the nature of our products each piece is unique and therefore varies in shape and size. Our sizing of the stones is a close approximation.

A note from Emily:
When I stumbled upon these rocks, I was mesmerized! If you could take liquid metal and a mermaid and turn it into a rock, this is what it would look like. So flashy and beautiful! A photo could never do it justice.