Tulum Sunrise Cocktail

There aren't many fruits that are in season during the cold Winter months, but there is one bright fruit that does peak in Winter, and when we see it, there's a rush to snag some up and make the most of their sunshine. That fruit is blood orange.

A perfect blend of sweet and tart, blood oranges make a fun Winter ingredient, pairing well with the likes of roasted chicken, salads rich in Vitamin C, and - our favorite - Mezcal.

Our favorite blood orange sip is the Tulum Sunrise, a cocktail crafted after a mezcal-colored Winter trip to the calming beaches of Tulum, Mexico. As someone who struggles through the chill of Winter, trips to tropical locations, either by plane or by cocktail, are an important part of my Winter regime. I must do what I can to call in the sunshine – and this cocktail does just that.

So, if you're struggling with some Winter blues, pick up some blood oranges and limes and recall the warmth of the sun while enjoying the fruits of the Winter.

How To Make A Tulum Sunrise Cocktail


Blood oranges, cut into wedges (half for each cocktail)
Limes, cut into wedges (a quarter for each cocktail)
Club soda
Rimming salt (course kosher will work)
Cayenne pepper


Mix a bit of salt and cayenne pepper to your liking. (I like mine a bit spicier, so I tend to be a bit heavy handed with the pepper.)

Use a bit of lime to rub around the rim of your glass, then dip the rim into the cayenne salt, coating it.

Put your wedges into your glass and muddle. (You could juice the fruit and pour it into the glass, but that's too fussy. And Tulum, if anything, is not fussy.)

Put in a couple of cubes of ice, pour in a heavy shot or two of mezcal, and top off with a light splash of club soda.

Give it a swirl and garnish with a little slice of blood orange.


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