That’s Fashion Smash Cocktail Recipe

That's Fashion Smash Cocktail Recipe


A SMASH variation of the Old Fashioned

A SMASH is a simple cocktail made by muddling (aka smashing) fruits and herbs with simple syrup and topping it off with liquor and more ice than you’d think. Simple as that.

To some, the smash can be a bit stout, especially the first couple of sips. Once the ice begins to melt, the flavors mellow out, so just sit with it for a moment. If it’s still too stout for your tastes, splash in more syrup or even still or sparkling water.

Sip these cocktails slowly, or you’ll regret it in the morning. The proceeding recipes include measurements, but to be honest, we don’t measure much. We prefer to eyeball our ingredients and tweak them as needed!

Adding ice to our smash cocktail

Ice, Ice, Baby

The ice is a huge player in the smash, so it's important to get the right kind. The right kind of ice is nugget ice, often known as Sonic ice since it’s the ice you get at Sonic Drive-Thru fast food chain. You can usually buy their ice by the bag. If you can, do that, or find somewhere else – like a local bar or BBQ place – to scoop some up.

In a pinch, ground ice from your refrigerator will absolutely do. Or even throw ice cubes in a blender for an acceptable albeit noisy dupe!

Topping our cocktail with mint garnish


That’s Fashion Smash Cocktail Recipe


  • 1/8 orange (1 wedge) 
  • 2 Luxardo Maraschino cherries (or similar)
  • .75 oz (or half a shot) of simple or mint syrup 
  • 2.5 oz of bourbon 
  • 2 mint leaves 
  • Mint + orange slice to garnish


Place the orange, cherries, and 2 mint leaves into a rocks glass. Pour in a small shot of simple or herb syrup. If you like your drinks sweeter, you may want more. If you prefer less sweet, use less simple syrup.

“Smash” your fruits and herbs in your glass with your cocktail muddler, until pulverized.

Fill your glass to the very top with ice.

Pour in bourbon until the glass is ½ to ⅔ filled, depending on your drink strength preference.

Using a mixing tumbler, or pint glass if you don’t have a tumbler, swish the mixture back and forth a few times to incorporate the flavors.

Top your drink off with more ice, and garnish with additional mint and an orange slice.

Enjoy this smash variation of an old fashion cocktail

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