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A season for healing

While a healing crystal grid can be used any time of year to help support your healing, it's especially helpful during the Winter season. Winter is the season of death and rebirth. It is a time to rest, an important component of healing. So as you hibernate away, resting up to begin the next cycle, use this crystal grid to invite holistic healing into your life, with the help of Earth’s most steadfast creations– crystals.

What is a crystal grid?

Crystals are believed to hold healing properties, helping you energetically boost your frequency to that of things like love, abundance, truth, or creativity. A crystal grid is how you harness and magnify healing crystals, by placing them in geometric patterns using the principles of sacred geometry, to boost their electromagnetic field far beyond that of a single stone.

You can cast their healing energy further by intentionally placing stones or crystals in different geometric patterns, communicating your intentions far and wide.

Crystal grids are also a great way to incorporate crystals into your daily life and practice mindfulness and self-care. If you'd like to learn more about crystal grids and have a step-by-step guide to help you make your own crystal grid for any intention, check out our other journal entry, How to Make a Crystal Grid: A Step-By-Step Guide.

What is a crystal grid?

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What crystals are best for healing?

Every crystal has its own unique frequency and energetic properties so it is important to pick those that align with your intention. There are many crystals and stones associated with wellness including the three we chose to make our grid– Clear Quartz, Carnelian, and Moss Agate, more on those next. If you prefer other stones, feel free to choose your own assortment of crystals. We also recommend Copper, Bloodstone, Candle Quartz, or White Agate.

We recommend you limit your selection to 2-3 crystals or gemstones to prevent muddying your intention. We always include Clear Quartz in our grids because it is an all-purpose mineral that amplifies the stones around it.

Large obsidian sphere that can be used for black mirror scrying

Clear Quartz

Abundant around the world, Quartz is found on every continent. "Quartz" comes from the Greek word for "ice," reflecting the once-held belief that Clear Quartz was a permanent form of ice, once so cold it would never thaw. It's been used in cultures all around the world as spiritual tools, talismans, and healing aid, and now is an important part of modern tech devices. 

Clear Quartz for Crystal Healing

Clear Quartz is essential for all crystal grids in our opinion. It is known as the "master healer"– an all-purpose crystal that corresponds with all the chakras and can aid with everything from wellness to improving focus. It's also a supercharged amplifier that will increase the energy output of the stones around it. In terms of crystal grids, bigger truly is better to increase the size of their energy field. But if you're working with smaller stones, quartz is a practical crystal to include to boost the effects of your healing crystal grid.

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Black mirror scrying in obsidian orb


Carnelian is a member of the Chalcedony crystal family and it gets its colors from deposits of iron oxide. It was used to protect warriors on the battlefield and houses from storms or intrusions. Carnelian brings about the fiery energy that its bold orange and red colors indicate: courage, protection, and fearlessness.

Carnelian for Crystal Healing

Carnelian will guide you through the healing process, encouraging you to forge ahead, even when the future looks uncertain. By unblocking your Sacral Chakra, it can invite fresh energy to help you feel restored. So if you feel your willpower dwindling, pick up a piece of this fiery stone to rid yourself of self-doubt and fear. It is also said to stimulate tissues and organs to promote healing with its warm vibrations that sink deep into the body. 


Black Mirror Stands

Moss Agate

Moss Agate is not technically a true Agate because it lacks the signature banding. It is Chalcedony with green, fern-like dendritic inclusions. It has long been considered a stone for connecting with nature and inviting abundance. European farmers must have been in on the secret, as they once hung Moss Agates from trees and the horns of oxen while plowing to encourage a bountiful harvest. 

Moss Agate for Crystal Healing

Moss Agate crystals can be used to invite an abundance of healing energy. It is said to be useful for lowering inflammation and boosting the immune system. It has long been used by midwives as a talisman during childbirth to reduce pain and ensure good deliveries. It is also a crystal that invites balance which can help you to stay calm when you're juggling work, home life, and recovery.

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Black Mirror Stands

How to Build Your Healing Crystal Grid

Before you begin creating a crystal grid for healing, take a moment to set an intention. You can do this by closing your eyes and focusing on your desired outcome and visualizing the healing powers of your crystals. You can also create an affirmation for yourself. This should be a positive statement as any negative statements could invite unwanted negative energy.

Once you have settled on your intention, build your healing grid by placing each stone with intention and in any geometric arrangement you'd like, placing the center stone, a clear quartz point, last. You can choose to add in small quartz points like we did, or not. For our crystal grid, we chose to arrange the stones in a circle because circles bring about an endless supply of health, love, and wealth. But you can also form a hexagon for an all-purpose and quick manifesting grid or use the most powerful of all, the flower of life. The flower of life is one of the most recognizable symbols of Sacred Geometry and is tied to the very patterns of our universe.

How to Use Your Healing Crystal Grid

Once you completed your crystal grid, you can activate it by taking a Clear Quartz wand, a long, skinny crystal with a point, and point it at each crystal in your grid, moving slowly and in the same direction and visualizing them turning on. Do this with all the surrounding stones, focusing on the center point last.

After you've activated your grid you can spend time in the space with your grid, meditating on your desires. You can benefit from any time spent nearby and don't necessarily have to meditate with it to receive the benefits. You can leave your grid up for as little or as long as you like. We recommend removing it when your desired intention has manifested and you'd like to set another one.

A Personal Healing Practice

As with all crystal practices, harnessing crystal power for healing is deeply personal. It is okay to take what you've learned in this article and apply it to your own practice or to let your intuition guide you in another direction. We will always advocate for crystal research and education but your intuition is your body telling you what it needs and it is just as valid as any information you may come across.

More Ways to Harness the Healing Power of Crystals

Program a Crystal With Your Intention

Much like how you can imbue a crystal grid with energy aligned with a specific purpose, you can also work with individual crystals to "program" them to manifest your goals. To program your crystal for physical or spiritual healing, simply hold your crystal in your hands, take some deep yoga-like breaths, and state your intention, either out loud or silently. You can then carry your crystal with you in your pocket, place it under your pillow at bedtime, or set it somewhere close to you while you work.

Wear Your Crystals

One of our favorite ways to incorporate crystals into daily life is to wear them! And crystal jewelry is so much more convenient and comfortable than carrying a bunch of crystals in your bra. (No shame though, we've all done it!) So instead of lugging around your crystals, throw on a necklace, ring, or stack some bracelets to keep your favorites close by.

Align Your Chakras

To align your chakras, you can place a crystal on your body where each chakra is located. You can either use all Clear Quartz points or select a crystal for each charka that is aligned with it. For example, Lapis Lazuli or Sodalite corresponds with the Throat Chakra. This is easiest to do when laying down, so you may want to ask for help with placing your stones. When you have placed all of your stones, you can meditate and visualize your chakras aligning for as long or as little as you'd like.

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