Check Your Filter: Crystals for Sagittarius Season


So here we are... the last month of the year. I don’t think I’m alone in saying that we arrived here much faster than anticipated. I’d really like to speak to the manager about the accelerated pace of adulthood. It’s definitely not as advertised.

Nevertheless, here we are, and we have no choice but to drink from a cup of kindness and greet the new year with optimism and hope.

Sags and their fellow fire signs Leo and Aries, are known for their spontaneity, passion, and independence. Embracing that energy means trusting ourselves and our journey and following our intuition to new experiences. Here are a few stones that can help us make that happen!


This is one of the most highly recognizable stones and has been mined as far back as 3200 BC! It’s often a crowd favorite and has been an integral part of many cultural rituals from Hindu, to Persian, to Navajo, and the belief that its beneficial properties persist into modern day. It’s used for finding wholeness and truth, but during Sag season, it is a helpful aid in communication.

Sags are known for being brutally honest. They often say what others think, but wouldn’t dare to speak. Turquoise can help a sharp-tongued Sag speak with more kindness and compassion. If you’re trying to embrace Sag energy, wear turquoise to find a sense of empowerment and the courage to speak up when you have something valuable to contribute.

An Affirmation for Turquoise

I embrace and honor myself as I am and speak my truth with clarity and compassion.

Hand holding dark red Garnet palm stone


Red is the most recognizable color, but garnet (shown above) comes in a variety of colors. It’s most often used to dispel melancholy feels, and for the adventurous and sometimes chronically unreliable Sag, it can help facilitate faithfulness and dependability. Embracing adventures and taking risks is all well and good, but it’s best to ground those dreams and desires on the physical plain by formulating a plan before you begin.

An Affirmation for Garnet

I manifest new opportunities and experiences and approach each with confidence, optimism, and bold action.

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Hand holding a large Amethyst Druze.


This stone has popped up several times, and that should speak to its power and usefulness in every season. While they can sometimes come across as flighty and free-wheeling, most Sags are deep thinkers. Some may even call them over thinkers. They prefer mental and intellectual interactions over emotional ones and can spend an excessive amount of time unraveling an issue and figuring things out. If this is you in any season, amethyst is a powerful stone to help keep you grounded and facilitate clear and compassionate communication.

An Affirmation for Amethyst

By activating my higher mind, I welcome balance and clarity to my words and actions.

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Blue Lace Agate

Aptly called the “diplomat stone,” this banded, light blue and white stone is often covered with tiny, sparkling druzy crystals that make it look almost alien and otherworldly. For Sags, it’s useful to keep around if you find that you’re someone who doesn’t think before they speak or rambles on when without giving anyone else a chance to get a word in edgewise. I don’t know about you guys, but when I’m nervous, both of these things crop up, and Blue Lace Agate is perfect for that and also really pretty to wear. It also has the added benefit of helping you calm down when you see or feel negative speech patterns and habits crop up. For shy folks who have trouble speaking their ideas and sharing their wisdom, this is great for you, too!

An Affirmation for Blue Lace Agate

I communicate my ideas and knowledge with confidence and clarity.

The end of the year can feel like a huge milestone. Take some time to reflect, plan, and set a course for the next six months. If sharing your knowledge and truth are on your agenda, do it.

It’s my sincere hope that we all embrace this season with wide-open curiosity and not the usual apprehension that can precede a new year. Let’s carry this optimism into 2021!


Tasha is a romance author, editor, and podcaster who looks for the happily ever after in every story. Her favorite season is Summer, when she can drink on patios and write in the wild.

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