Let's Talk, Scorpio: Crystals for Scorpio Season

Oh, Scorpio. Your reputation precedes you, and your season is both dreaded and welcomed.

If Libra season was all about shifting the focus from ourselves to nurture our relationships with others, Scorpio season is all about examining those relationships with others. And choosing to either deepen those connections or end the ones that are no longer serving us.

How do we do that? We communicate!

And we do so by tapping into Scorpio's energy of assertion and resourcefulness.

Passionate, driven, and frequently wrought up with emotion, this water sign is often mistaken for a fire sign. And maybe that’s why every Scorpio I’ve ever known claims that they’re misunderstood.

What often translates as cold and intimidating is Scorpio's herculean effort to tamp down the emotions that they seem to feel more intensely than the average bear. Their dogged determination to get deep into your personal business is a side effect of their heightened empathy and intuition that is rarely ever wrong. Their seemingly secretive nature is really an attempt to keep themselves and the ones they love safe. All of these traits can quickly tip Scorpios into defense mode, which is why it’s important to tamp down Scorpio's reactive nature. This season will be profoundly transformative if we let it!

A Hand holding an orange Citrine point.


This crystal has popped up several times, but I think that speaks to the power this member of the quartz family packs. Ranging from pale yellow to a deep amber or orange, this stone will fortify your willpower in this season. If there are hard conversations that need to be had, or feelings that need to be shared, fist this crystal in your hand and let it all out in a calm, assertive manner. It will dispel heavy emotions and help you perceive things in a more positive light.

An Affirmation for Citrine

I will govern my emotions, remain brave in difficult situations, and strive to see them in a more positive light.

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A Black Obsidian candle holder with a lit tea light sitting on a wooden countertop with plants in the background.


Ranging from the purest black to a darkly iridescent rainbow, obsidian can provide insight, cleanse negativity, heal feelings of unworthiness, and provide psychic protection. The holiday season and Mercury Retrograde can drudge up fear and apprehension in some of us — especially if you have to interact with people who have hurt you in the past. Keep this crystal close to your skin during those interactions to help clear any and all negative energies.

An Affirmation for Obsidian

I open my self to new experiences and seek to heal old hurts, knowing that I am protected.

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Just looking at this blue-green stone is enough to help you settle down. Scorpio’s tendency toward fiery emotions and stubborn adhesion to truth and facts is softened with this stone at your disposal. Employ aquamarine when you need help speaking your deepest and most heartfelt truth.

An Affirmation for Aquamarine

I release old emotional baggage and express my deepest and heartfelt truths with calm certainty.

Hand holding a dark blue Lapis Lazuli palm stone.

Lapis Lazuli

This blue stone derives its name from an ancient Persian word that means blue brings inner peace and freedom from negative thoughts to the wearer. Pack this in your emotional tool kit when you’re navigating the difficult transformations and realizations that Mercury Retrograde can bring. The shifts and upheavals in this season will be the culmination of life changes that occurred in the last six months. This stone will be there to support you through the bitter and the sweet.

Affirmation for Lapis Lazuli

I will identify and expose habits, patterns, and lessons that may be blocking my progress.

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Scorpio season is the start of the holidays, my favorite time of the year. Hopefully, these crystals and affirmations will help us all keep kindness and love at the forefront and enjoy all the wonderful things that the holiday season can bring!


Tasha is a romance author, editor, and podcaster who looks for the happily ever after in every story. Her favorite season is Summer, when she can drink on patios and write in the wild.

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