It's Your Year: Crystals for Capricorn Season

Just like in Virgo season, I’m filled with the desire to make big plans and take advantage of the wealth, status, and security that this year of Jupiter in Capricorn promises.

Capricorn is an earth sign, which makes them practical, self-reliant, stoic, and ambitious. Take it from someone who has a Capricorn as a business bestie, this is definitely someone that you want in your corner. They’re steady and practical, and in this time of expansion, those Capricorn traits to help us stay grounded.

Here are a few stones that can help each of us tap into that Capricorn energy:

Hand holding Black Tourmaline sphere. The reflection of the windows is visible on the surface of the crystal.

Black Tourmaline

Capricorns are amongst the most driven signs in the zodiac. They’re dedicated, determined, and made of sterner stuff. The season they’re born into carries that same energy – an energy that can easily slip into obsessive striving if we’re not careful. Black tourmaline grounds and calms that tendency toward industriousness and allows space for us to focus on tasks that will get us to apply logic to our goals.

Affirmation for Black Tourmaline

I welcome positive thoughts to ground me in my season of improvement and opportunity.

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Hand holding a dark green Emerald chunk.


Because they’re such hard workers, Caps are very sensitive to any criticism regarding the quality of their work or their work ethic—even if it’s constructive. They’re even hard on themselves when the response is positive! It’s also true that at the beginning of the year, many of us are accessing last year’s progress and setting goals for the new year. Emerald can help us treat ourselves with grace during this process and assist us in overcoming feelings of unworthiness if we feel that we fell short in some way. It will also help to dispel fears of scarcity and allow us to set goals that serve us in productive ways.

Affirmation for Emerald

I am thankful for lessons learned and the abundance I manifested. I welcome abundance and prosperity into my new year.

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Hand holding a Rose Quartz Obelisk

Rose Quartz

Capricorns are notoriously stoic. They have a very practical approach to feeling feelings that is rooted in realism. Either it follows common sense and logic, or it doesn’t make sense at all. This way of thinking is definitely useful in some ways, but it can easily lead to pessimism — especially when they direct it onto themselves. Rose quartz can help the Capricorn in you remember to treat themselves with compassion, love, and grace.

Affirmation for Rose Quartz

In this season of planning and goal-setting, I will treat myself with gentleness and self-love.

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Whether you're making resolutions, doing your New Year's tarot spread, or tackling your very first CEO Day Kit, remember that you have to a year to reach all of the goals you set. A well thought out plan and discipline will get you there!

Happy New Year!


Tasha is a romance author, editor, and podcaster who looks for the happily ever after in every story. Her favorite season is Summer, when she can drink on patios and write in the wild.

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