Chevron Amethyst Gua Sha Tool

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A powerful anti-aging tool, Gua Sha translates to "scraping" but rather than exfoliate these specially carved crystals are gently pressed against in face in upward strokes to tone and stimulate the skin. A must-have for any self-care routine.


Use of Amethyst crystals, for their beauty and legendary energy, dates back to as early as 25,000 BCE. Found in the cultures of Neolithic peoples, ancient Egyptians, Early Greek, and Roman– it has long been coveted as a stone of royalty. To add some fun: Amethyst’s name comes from the Greek word for “not drunken,” as it’s believed to prevent intoxication, calm anger, and relieve stress.

As every stone is different by natural variation, the crystals included may vary in color.