Springtime Blessings Ritual

To live in alignment with the seasons is the most ancient form of magic. To connect with this power, acknowledge that you are reborn as the Earth is reborn. With this simple ritual, you can align yourself with the blessings of Spring!

You will need:

For this ritual, think of something that you would like to bless or revitalize. Examples include: a garden, a practice, a business venture, a relationship, etc... Once you have something in mind, you may begin.

Find a quiet and centered space.

Light the sage and let the smoke rise.

Pick up the spring candle and run it through the smoke several times, letting it being cleansed and purified.

Now hold the candle in your hands and close your eyes. Feel optimism and joy about what you are starting. Now imagine yourself six months in the future, somewhere around the fall equinox, having accomplished much more than expected. See how your hard work and dedication has paid off. And from this place, six months in the future, look back upon this moment in spring. Remember how it was when everything started coming together. Feel gratitude for all the work you’ve done to make this reality come into fruition. Linger on this for as long as you feel it. And when you’re ready, come back into the present and open your eyes.

Place the candle somewhere that feels sacred and light it. As soon as the flame comes alive, the blessings begin.

Say “It is done!” to close the ritual.


Rachel is the creator of Aeolian Heart Astrology, a voice that blends ancient Hermeticism with pop culture and fine art. She believes that astrology is magic because following the rhythm of the planets makes life feel like a graceful dance. Her favorite season is late-summer when the pomegranates are ripe and the sunsets are like amber.

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