Seasonal Herbal Tea Set

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Sip your way through each season with these botanical herbal teas. Formulated by a clinical herbalist with each season in mind, these beautiful teas will assist you in embracing the seasons.

All are caffeine free.


AWAKEN (Spring) - 24 grams
An herbal blend arousing the playful and uplifting spirit of spring. (Also great as a morning cuppa any time of year.)

Lavender, holy basil, spearmint, fennel seed (all certified organic)


FROLIC (Summer) - 24 grams
An herbal blend supporting the joyous and carefree adventures of summer. (And a refreshing part to any midday regimen.)

Skullcap, fennel seed, red clover, hibiscus (all certified organic)


SOFTEN (Autumn) - 25 grams
An herbal blend evoking the enchanting and dreamy glimmer of autumn. (Great for an evening wind-down tonic, too.)

Mugwort, damiana, oatstraw, chamomile, rose (all certified organic)


NESTLE (Winter) - 42 grams
An herbal blend summoning warmth and cheer in the dark of winter. (Or anytime you want to feel a bit more cozy.)

Cloves*, ginger*, orange peel*, cinnamon*, cedar leaves (*certified organic)

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