Moldavite Ring

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Moldavite and .925 sterling silver ring.

This listing features varying styles for each size ring. Each style is represented in photos, but not all sizes are available in each style. We'll send what we have available in the size you choose.

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Moldavite is a tektite, a rare glass formed from an ancient meteorite impact that occurred approximately 15 million years ago. The impact created clouds of molten silica droplets that cooled and fell back to earth. Also known as "The Stone of Transformation," Moldavite has long been used for its legendary, extra-terrestrial energy. Tools and amulets of Moldavite were found alongside the famous "Venus of Willendorf," c. 25,000 BCE, and is part of the Holy Grail legend.

Due to the nature of our products each piece is unique and therefore varies in shape and size.