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Season 1 Episode 2

Journey Through the Seasons

January 09, 2024

Join Emily as she unravels the secrets of reconnecting with the energies of the seasons that modern life has distanced us from. Discover misconceptions about our fast-paced lives and the benefits of embracing seasonal living. Explore the seasonal cycle of trees and the incredible benefits of aligning our lives with nature's rhythms. From the rebirth of Spring to the stillness of Winter, Emily guides you through each season, offering insights for improved well-being and increased creativity.

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The wisdom of the seasons helps us experience more creativity, joy, and presence.

- Emily Thompson


  • How we’ve become disconnected from the energies of the seasons
  • Examples of seasonal living from nature including trees, bears, and more
  • An exploration of the energies of each season
  • How the cycle of the seasons shows up elsewhere
  • A seasonal exercise for your life
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