Love is a Revolution: Crystals for Cancer Season

With so much tumult in the nation and the world, we are all craving stability and a return to harmony.
However, the very necessary process of unlearning centuries of white supremacy and systemic oppression is important work that we can
t half-ass our way through. In this season, we need to seek the strength to stand in our truth and integrity and find ways to guide each other toward greater wholeness.

Tenacious, loyal, protective, and caring— these are traits that we can adopt during this Cancer season to develop the emotional intelligence we need to love our way through this revolution.


Feelings are not facts, but they can certainly inform them. This blue, grey, and white stone will sharpen your insight and facilitate an exploration of your strengths, motivations, and weaknesses so they dont trip you up on our journey toward equality. It will also enhance your ability to remain objective in the midst of emotionally wrought situations.

Affirmation for Sodalite

I am awake and observant of the world around me and face each obstacle with stubborn courage.

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In the process of unlearning, you will make a lot of mistakes. However, the fear of saying or doing the wrong thing should not stop you from taking action. This iridescent stone will help you take appropriate action when the time is right. It can also help you sort through any reactionary emotions you may have when or if you are called out. Mistakes happen, but learning to be less reactionary and more compassionate will benefit us all.

Affirmation for Moonstone

I deny the disruptive thoughts and feelings triggered by my ego in order to see things clearly.

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Black Tourmaline

Confronting systemic oppression and its long-lasting effects can bring a lot of negative energy from people who oppose you. Not all of us are accustomed or equipped to withstand these negative attacks over a long period of time. Black Tourmaline can clear those destructive energies from your environment and your person. It can also help you rid yourself of negative thoughts, anxiety, anger, and ideas of worthiness.

Affirmation for Black Tourmaline

I release negative energy and purify my body and spirit with light, fierce love, and compassion.

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Tiger Iron

If theres one thing I know about the fight for equality is that its never-ending. This fight requires stamina, focused will, and mental clarity. It also puts an intentional focus on healing ourselves and self-care. Tiger Iron lends strength and stamina to our physical bodies while infusing us with light energy to boost confidence and capability.

Affirmation for Tiger Iron

I am strong and grounded in my purpose.

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Above all else, in this season, I want us to embrace our desire to nurture and midwife ourselves and each other through this difficult process. Its important to remember that its not the time to be overly sensitive about things youre just waking up to because some of us have been in this fight for our whole lives. So drink your water, get a good nights sleep, read your books, and speak about the things you believe in with a loud voice — even if its shaking.


Tasha is a romance author, editor, and podcaster who looks for the happily ever after in every story. Her favorite season is Summer, when she can drink on patios and write in the wild.

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