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Season 1 Episode 5

Curate Your Life

January 30, 2024

Join Emily as she explores the art of curation and its impact on our lives. From ancient collections to modern self-expression, discover how curating isn't just about surrounding ourselves with beauty—it's about intentional living, mindfulness, and embracing who we are. Tune in to learn how the power of curation can transform your world, one carefully chosen element at a time.

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Surround yourself with meaningful beauty.

- Emily Thompson


  • The concept of curation
  • Emily's affinity for art history and curation
  • The etymology of "curate" and its historical significance
  • Curation throughout history
  • The human drive to curate and its links to identity, control, and memory
  • Examples of curation in everyday life
  • The role of curation in shaping narratives and creating meaning
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