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Tourmalinated Quartz Point

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A beautiful combination of Clear Quartz and Black Tourmaline, Tourmalinated Quartz shares the properties of both and amplifies them, acting as a great balancer of energies and protector from bad vibes. This stone is a favorite of healers and collectors for it's unique appearance and ability to clear and protect the aura and energy fields, and work to reconnect one to the Earth.

Small = approx 1 1/2" - 2 1/2" tall
Medium = approx 2 3/4" - 3 1/2" tall
Large = approx 3 3/4" - 4 1/2" tall


Due to the nature of our products each piece is unique and therefore varies in shape and size. Our sizing of the stones are close approximations.


A note from Emily:
A little tumbled Tourmalinated Quartz pebble was one of my favorite rocks when I was young - a pivotal piece in my first #rockcollection. It's a beautiful and curious stone that will keep you staring at it for a deliciously long time.