Love Crystal Grid Kit
Love Crystal Grid Kit
Love Crystal Grid Kit
Love Crystal Grid Kit

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Love Crystal Grid Kit

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Feel the love with this stunning handpicked crystal grid kit. Rose quartz not only opens your heart to romance but also to self-love and healing. Gain clarity around your intention as you place each stone and amplify it with the quartz crystal energy.

Kit includes:
- 7 pc raw cut Rose Quartz (approx. 1.5 - 2")
- 12 small Clear Quartz crystal points
- 100 Clear Quartz matchsticks
- in a drawstring bag

Each kit comes with a small information card, or be sure to check out our booklet, A Guide to Crystal Grids.


From attracting a lover to preventing wrinkles, Rose Quartz has long been linked with all things regarding love and beauty. A pink sister of the popular and abundant Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz is featured in many myths and legends from Greek gods to Egyptian royalty. Metaphysically, it's helpful to the Heart Chakra, opening the space to allow for more giving and receiving, and is great for cultivating all types of love, including self-love.

As every stone is different by natural variation, the crystals included may vary in color, size, and shape.