Augusta Gemstone Bracelets
Augusta Gemstone Bracelets
Augusta Gemstone Bracelets
Augusta Gemstone Bracelets

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Augusta Gemstone Bracelets

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Stylishly wear your crystals and show off your love of nature with an exclusive gemstone and wood bracelet, handmade in Chattanooga, TN.

Featuring beautiful stones and woods from around the world, each bracelet also features a single quartz stalactite druzy crystal bead.

These elastic bracelets are great to wear alone or to stack in multiples.

Available in a limited quantity.

OPTIONS (from top to bottom in first photo)
Gold Phoebe Ebony Wood
Stunning, lightweight and versatile.

Labradorite (SOLD OUT)
Magic, awareness, power

Tiger Eye, Sandalwood, and Lava Rock (SOLD OUT)
Confidence, calm, strength

Green Aventurine 
Healing, release, decisiveness

Lava Rock (black beads)
Calming, strength, courage

Amazonite (blue/green/cream beads)
Calm, harmony, truth

Howlite and Lava Rock (white + black beads)
Peace, calming, strength

Tiger Eye (brown/black beads)
Confidence, strength, luck

Rose Quartz (pink beads)
love, compassion, harmony

Carnelian (orange beads)
courage, creativity, action

Cloudy Quartz (gray/clear beads)
clarity, focus, amplification

Yellow Jade (yellow beads)
cheerful, energetic, positivity

Strawberry Quartz (clear with red)
love, generosity, calm