Citrine Ring

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Citrine and 925 sterling silver ring.

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#76 - Size 7.75
#77 - Size 5.75
#78 - Size 7.5
#82 - Size 8.25
#83 - Size 7.5


Citrine, named from the French word "citron" for lemon, comes in a wide range of shades from pale yellow to deep orange. As a Quartz, it gets this yellow color from the presence of iron. Energetically, Citrine is known for being a powerhouse for manifestation and creativity, aligning you to turn thoughts and desires into reality. Want to manifest more money? Keep a piece of citrine in your wallet to bring it to you!

Due to the nature of our products each piece is unique and therefore varies in shape and size. Our sizing of the stones is a close approximation.