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Welcome the light and energy of the Spring Equinox with this tarot spread for the new season that will help you connect with the nature around you and with your intentions for your life this Spring.

As March comes to a close and we collectively awaken and shake off any lingering drowsiness from our Winter's rest, it's time to reflect and lay plans for the year ahead during a fresh start of Spring. One way to tap into this energy and make the most of this time of renewal, rebirth, fresh starts, and growth, is to grab your favorite tarot deck and do a reading for yourself to tap into the desires that you hope Spring will reveal to you.

The days and tendrils of sunlight coming through our windows have grown longer since the Winter Solstice, and on the Spring Equinox, or Vernal Equinox, on March 20th, the day and night will finally be equal lengths. Take your cue from the cosmos and seek out activities that get you out of the house during the daylight hours, preferably those that include time in nature. Exploring a forest, chasing a waterfall, or soaking up some sun at the park are great ways to balance your active and restful periods throughout the Spring.

It's time to embrace the expansive themes of this equinox and how you can best support yourself during your Spring planning and planting. Use this Spring Equinox tarot spread to help you decide where to invest your precious time and energy to gain the most through the coming Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox.

If you're not located in the northern hemisphere, you can of course still find ways to embrace the energy of Spring and celebrate the changing cycle of your life and the seasons. One way to embody Spring any time of year is to try something new. So if you’d like to align with the current Autumn Equinox in the southern hemisphere, check out our Autumn Equinox Tarot Spread or our Autumn Blessing Ritual for some inspiration.

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Preparing for Your SPRING EQUINOX Tarot SPREAD + Reading

When you are ready to do your Spring Equinox tarot spread, grab your favorite tarot or oracle deck (check out the SpiritSong tarot deck to align with the season's energy) and any other items you may need to settle into this sacred space. You may want to grab your favorite crystal (here's a list of crystals for Aries that are perfect for the season), a pen and journal, light a candle (our Spring Candle will bring the vibes), or play some calming music to help you focus and get you in the zone.

Once settled, center yourself with some deep breaths, shuffle your cards and begin to lay out your Spring Equinox tarot spread.


Laying your tarot or oracle cards, contemplate the following questions and let your intuition guide and direct you.

1. What seeds should I be planting?

2. How can I best nurture these seeds?

3. What has served me, but is no longer needed?

4. What can I do to create balance in my life?

5. How can I make use of these longer days?

6. What steps can I take to live in alignment with the energies of spring?

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