Meet the Maker: Eryn Garcia

From the very beginning, we knew that a gnome would be a member of the Almanac family. The gnome is a pivotal character in the human story of living in harmony with nature and connecting to the cycles of the Earth.

Emily here, and over the holiday season I found myself sitting at a local bar with my friend, Eryn Garcia, a Chattanooga-local friend and maker. I looked up and staring down at us from a shelf were two little gnome statues, and it sparked a conversation about how I wanted a gnome mascot for Almanac.

Lucky for me, I was sitting in the right place with the right person who could help me bring our gnome dreams to life. (I decided to believe this was gnome magic at work!) We promptly began collaborating on this project.

And now that he's real, we'd love for you to meet Eryn, a graphic designer and screen-printer who created our new gnome illustration. It's a pleasure to have Eryn as a collaborator with Almanac Supply Co. and to share her and her work in our first Meet the Maker feature.

Tell us about the work you do.
I'm a graphic designer specializing in branding, art direction and illustration. I also provide eco-friendly screen printing services focusing on brand development by printing everything from a special event tee to an integrated campaign. I design cool stuff. I print cool stuff.

Yes you do! But what do you love most about your work?
I get to learn. A lot. I've created for all sorts of brands in all types of industries (mechanical, health, hospitality, sports—you get it). The first half of my time spent on a project consists of research and getting to know the client well enough in order to deliver exactly what their brand needs. With that, I've acquired a lot of otherwise useless knowledge; I can now recommend the best electrical lineman tools if anyone is looking!

Getting you to create the gnome for us was a no-brainer; we love your style. What was the process like for you?
It was important to me to get to know you guys a little better casually over a marg (or two), pick your brains, and try to climb into them and understand what y'all were visualizing. Because you're a creative yourself, I was able to forgo the usual educational and helpful steps I usually provide for clients. It was fun being able to incorporate my own personal style with yours. One of the smoothest collabs for sure—I'm ready for another one!

To find more about Eryn and view her work, visit her website at

Submit your ideas for the perfect name for our new gnome friend and the winning submission will receive $200 worth of Almanac Supply Co. goods. Deadline to enter is Monday, April 15, 2019. Enter now >>


Emily is the co-founder of Almanac Supply Co., where she loves curating products for Nature Lovers and crafting content to help folks connect with nature. Her favorite season is Summer, when she can visit her favorite creeks and spend long days on her front porch.

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